The V.Smile Educational Video Game System Review

For parents who want to encourage learning through fun play, Vtech has introduced a tremendously popular video gaming system that parents can feel good about allowing their little children to play, called the V.Smile. Now, just like the big kids have their cool gaming system, children as young as 3 can also play with a fun game console system that is designed to be appropriate to their age range and suitable for fun and educational play.The V.Smile gaming system has been such a popular hit among young children that it has expanded into a line of other V.Smile systems with different capabilities. The newest among these is the V.Motion system, which is a basic V.Smile console with special motion sensitive controllers that encourage children to be active and move about while playing their favorite games. There are also hand held versions of the V.Smile console such as the V.Smile Pocket, and the V.Smile Cyber Pocket. There’s also a V.Smile Baby Infant Development System, which uses the V.Smile name, but unlike the other V.Smile products, isn’t compatible with any of it’s namesakes.The V.Smile game console system features a great number of different game cartridges, or “smartridges” as they’re called by the people over at Vtech. They feature characters from such popular children’s animated films and television shows such as Bob the Builder, Scooby-Doo, Go Diego Go!, The Wiggles, The Little Mermaid, Kung-Fu Panda, Finding Nemo, Cars, Ratatouille, and more. Certain smartridges are aimed at the features present in more recent V.Smile consoles such as the V.Motion. These smartridges are backwards compatible, so they can be played with earlier versions of the console system, however, the V.Motion components will be disabled so they will have limited use for play.There are several accessories available for the V.Smile console system, such as the V.Smile Smart Keyboard, which helps teach children typing, spelling, logic, and letters. There’s also a V.Smile system available that includes a built in writing pad and stylus, as well as a joystick. A touch pad and stylus are also sold separately for other V.Smile consoles called the V.Smile Art Studio, which children can use to draw pictures which will appear on screen and allow them to edit their masterpieces with special tools and even create animations.And there’s the V.Smiles Jammin Gym Class, which is a “soft exercise mat for interactive play, dance, and exercise”. This mat works on a similar principle to the popular Dance Dance Revolution mat for older kids. It includes 10 individual learning activities that encourage movement and fun exercise. The fun activities available with this mat help teach numbers, letters, spelling, colors, and health concepts.And there are more accessories available and new ones coming out all the time. The V.Smile is certainly a flexible and varied tool for encouraging a fun and active learning environment for young children. It’s the kind of video game system that children will love and that parents will feel good about allowing their children to play with.See our Author’s box below for a current list of the Top 10 Toys of the year.